Homeowners, well drillers, public water supplies, public pools, and local County Health Departments have come to depend on our excellent customer service and cost effective quality testing.

Our well trained staff and sophisticated equipment will assure you of accurate results in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction.

Coliform/ E-Coli Testing
Drinking water, pools, beaches
Nitrate/Nitrite Testing
Drinking water, private and public supplies
Sulfate, Fluoride, Chloride, Iron and Hardness
Drinking water

Other tests available from our partnering labs for all other water tests.

We are a state certified lab that offers water quality testing at reasonable price. We are located in the Village of Richland to serve the Greater Kalamazoo area.


We are a state certified lab that offers water testing for your drinking water. Some of our testing includes coliform bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, iron, hardness, sulfates, chloride, and fluoride. We have pick-up and drop-off locations available, along with courier services. Call our office today for details and prices!

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